Having the Right Questions Ready for the Contractor

What questions you should ask the person you’re hiring to do your commercial roofing job

So you are all set and you have finally decided on the kind of roof you want. This is great! What you need to do now is ask your roof contractor a set of questions that will form a basis for your contract. You do not want to end up in a bad situation because you did not go the extra step to really find out whether your contractor understands your expectations. You should always remember that if your roofing is done wrong, you will end up paying more because the future repairs will bleed your pocket dry.

The first and very important question you should ask, and in fact if you hired a contractor without asking them this, you are asking for trouble. Are they licensed? Do they have the necessary certification to prove that they can actually do the work as per the requirements? Do not accept any excuses. All contractors have a license to show what they are specialized in. please remember that different states having different codes for their roofing contractors so be sure to find out where they have been licensed.

Finding out whether your contractor has insurance will save you a lot of headaches. This kind of jobs are very risky and anything can happen. You do not want to find yourself taking care of medical bills on top of your roofing expense. A contractor should have at least a workmen compensation insurance policy that will cover them during their contract period should any eventuality occur. This kind of insurance is required by law and any contractor who has not taken the necessary steps to purchase it cannot be serious and therefore should not be trusted.

You have to find out whether your old roof will be removed. If the contractor gives you a blank stare, you are better off starting the search all over again. But it might also depend on what kind of job you are doing. Ideally, the contractor should remove the old roof and replace it with a new one. Do not be deceived by a contractor who tells you they have “checked” and that your roof looks “Okay”. Ask them what basis they are using to judge that you do not need a complete replacement. It is also good to find out why they are replacing.

There are so many other questions that you can ask. For instance, there is another insurance policy your contractor could have called a general liability cover. You should also find out whether they will come with a container to remove and dispose of of any trash materials. Also finding out where exactly they intend to place the container will save you headaches later.

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