Am I Paying Too Much For My Commercial Roof Repair?

How to know if you’re being overcharged for commercial roof repair

There are many ways for you to do a simple check in order to find out whether the guys repairing your commercial roof are taking you for a ride. If you are not careful, you will unwittingly end up with very bad roofing or some shoddy work done on your roof. Explaining the consequences of either of this two is enough to ensure you take the necessary steps. No matter what the contractors tell you, you owe it to yourself to do due diligence on the firm and the contractor they will assign you. There are some contractors who work solo; you should especially scrutinize their work.

If you watch the news, then you must have seen all the media coverage concerning commercial roofing and the set of problems a badly done roof will bring you. Ignoring this warning will do you no good. It is a reality of life that there are people whose main work is scam innocents, or in some instance, naive people like you out of their hard earned money. If you were to look at any online reviews done on roofing, you will notice that the work was done and the amount charged did not match up. This complaint rate at almost 70% of all the complaints made!

When you get a good and quality roof contractor, future repairs are most unlikely. If you get a contractor who has never done the job before, or who only cares for the money, which you are being overcharged anyway, then issues such an improper layering of shingles will not be the only problem you are facing. There are manufacturer’s specifications to be followed when you are using parts of your roof. If your contractor ignores these or does not follow them as per the requirements, you are in for a lot of stress.

Before you settle for any contractor, make sure you accept as many quotations as you can. This will form a basis for disqualifying those whose quote looks a bit off. You will also have to request referrals that you will follow up with very closely. Basically, what you will be looking at here is the labor cost as well as the price charged on the shingles. You should also be careful not to go with the contractor who sends you a very high quote as this is no indication they are good at their work. These two costs usually cost almost the same. A certificate to show that they are actually good at their work will also be good. Any contractor who does not provide this should not be taken seriously. When checking in the referrals, be careful not to be caught up in a web made up of the contractor’s friends.

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