Finding The Right Plants For The Right Seasons

Bright & beautiful seasonal plant colors

Every season that comes along brings about different emotions and feelings. With the colors in your garden you can be able to bring out the cheer of every season and express your feelings and emotions for whatever season it is, be it charisma’s, summer, love, winter or Easter. Your garden can speak a lot for you if you have the best landscaping ideas Houston you will stand out from the rest.


el paso blanco | TulipWhen spring comes, it is time to plant tulips. These are great flowers that blossom in spring in just one week. The tulips flowers are part of the lily family of flowers. They are originally from central Asia and Turkey. Tulips come in different colors which have different meanings. For instance red tulips mean love while purple tulips show loyalty. There are thousands of varieties of the flower available globally and tulips can have more than one flower in each stem. Tulips do not like excessive moisture in the soil and hence are good flowers for the break of spring. There are other flowers that will do well in spring while others will do well whole year round but tulips are a great addition to your garden during spring.


This is the dullest of all seasons because of the extreme cold weather and inactivity. The plants are also usually inactive at this time. The hardiest flowers for winter include the Cyclamen and the Pansies. They are able to blossom even during the cold season giving your garden life at this dull time.

el paso blanco | CyclamenYou get these flowers in different color varieties for instance red cyclamen, Synchro purple cyclamen, Sierra salmon cyclamen, purple crown pansy, and yellow pansy. You can then have a custom colored garden at this time too. There is no reason for your garden to be totally dull and inactive during winter. With the proper care, you will have a garden that is blossoming with color and adding life to the cold season.


During this season the most prolific flowers are the daisies. They are also available in different varieties and colors so that your garden does not become monochromatic If you want a lively one. They can be incorporated in the garden with sunflowers. Cone flower, Chinese Plumbago, and the red-hot poker.

el paso blanco | PlumbagoAll these are flowers that bloom well and quickly in autumn season for your garden to stay alive.

For other seasons like love, weddings, Easter, and Valentines you can have custom made bouquets from the combination of the flowers that you already have in your garden. These landscaping ideas Houston are good to keep you speaking the language that people will understand all through the year and keep you happy and your house alive.

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