Things To Consider When Deciding If It’s Time To Replace Your Roof


Roofing is one of the most important structures in homes. It protects the interior of the house from damage. You ought therefore to take great note and attention of your homes roof as if damaged can cause great losses. Even the best roof reaches a time that it becomes obsolete and therefore must be repaired or replaced. If the roof has suffered major damage, it is always advisable to replace it with a brand new one. Replacing is cost effective as it ensures that you have very quality roof and it reduces the maintenance cost that you would incur repairing the damaged one. Below are the red signs you ought to look out for to know whether your roof needs replacement.

The Age of the Roof

Roofs wear out on age. The more old your roof is the more it wears out and needs replacement. Many experts spell the age of the roof to be 20 years and above. In case your roof has stayed in your house without replacement for more than 20 years, you should think of replacing it right away, as it is prone to damage any time. Old roofs are very weak and if met with great environmental aspects it can become damaged. It is better to avoid being caught unawares by these calamities and your roof bulges. Replace it if it is old to avoid any calamity befalling you at the most unexpected instances.

Curled shingles

Shingles like roof itself wear out with age, just that their life expectancy is lower than that of the roof. In case you notice that, the shingles are curling or buckling you definitely, need a new roof. Their buckling and curling means that they have reached their life expectancy level and cannot carry on with their work. The shingles also loosing granules especially in the areas that the roof gets direct sunlight is another sign of a worn out roof and need replacement. You therefore need to be very keen with your roof, check it now and then to check of any of this sign.

Bulged roof valleys

Roof valleys are one of the important components in a roof; this is because they are responsible for roving the excess water and environmental materials like snow from the roof. These materials can be very harmful to the roof and thus damaging it. In case you notice that the roof valleys are bulging outwards such that they cannot carry out their roles that a sign that your roof needs replacement.

Bulging roof valleys may even lead to more dangerous effects like roof leaking which can damage your properties.

Roof checking is of great essence as it can make you avoid many problems when you are unaware. You therefore ought to be checking on these signs regularly.

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