The Time Frame On Residential & Commercial Lighting Projects

How long can a residential/commercial lighting project take?

Project timelines always vary. You may find a project that looks very similar to a previous one taking more time or even less. Differentiating between commercial lighting and lighting done on a residential is the first step when you want to estimate how long your project will take. In a nutshell, a residential lighting and a commercial lighting cannot compare. There is just no way would you expect lighting done on a residential to be on the same level with one done on a commercial project. This is mainly because, before even the project begins, there are factors such as planning of the project and the project expectations. There is also the design of the project.

Different designs will not have the same timelines. A design of the residential or the commercial project greatly affects the timelines. The lighting obviously can’t go on without the products that will be used is selected as well as the process to be followed when doing the installations. When it comes to the cost, you should expect the commercial place to cost more irrespective of the design or the overall layout. Lighting is also greatly affected by durability. This is one of the factors to be considered and therefore it goes without saying that a residential place will not require as heavy duty placements as a commercial place in comparison.

All commercial places usually take into consideration the issue of power saving. This is mainly because almost all the time, you will find the lights are on irrespective of whether it’s during the day or at night. Of course, this will bring about a higher cost as energy savers are more expensive when you compare to the normal lighting. The purpose for why the lighting is being done in the first place should give you an idea of the timelines. This, of course, is also closely related to the planning and the design. If you want it to be too bright or if the lighting is just a secondary feature, the timeline would vary when you compare to a commercial place where the lighting was done is the main lighting. The overall surroundings also affect how the lighting will be done.

For example, when looking at residential places, if the area is near a city and therefore there will be too much light, accurate adjustments will need to be made on the kind of lighting to be done. The same will also apply to commercial lighting. The kind of fittings and the fixtures selected will also play a major role. This crosses across the two areas. Delicate fittings and fixtures will need to be handled with a lot of care and this will obviously affect how long the lighting project will take.

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