Finding The Right Plants For The Right Seasons

Bright & beautiful seasonal plant colors

Every season that comes along brings about different emotions and feelings. With the colors in your garden you can be able to bring out the cheer of every season and express your feelings and emotions for whatever season it is, be it charisma’s, summer, love, winter or Easter. Your garden can speak a lot for you if you have the best landscaping ideas Houston you will stand out from the rest.


el paso blanco | TulipWhen spring comes, it is time to plant tulips. These are great flowers that blossom in spring in just one week. The tulips flowers are part of the lily family of flowers. They are originally from central Asia and Turkey. Tulips come in different colors which have different meanings. For instance red tulips mean love while purple tulips show loyalty. There are thousands of varieties of the flower available globally and tulips can have more than one flower in each stem. Tulips do not like excessive moisture in the soil and hence are good flowers for the break of spring. There are other flowers that will do well in spring while others will do well whole year round but tulips are a great addition to your garden during spring.


This is the dullest of all seasons because of the extreme cold weather and inactivity. The plants are also usually inactive at this time. The hardiest flowers for winter include the Cyclamen and the Pansies. They are able to blossom even during the cold season giving your garden life at this dull time.

el paso blanco | CyclamenYou get these flowers in different color varieties for instance red cyclamen, Synchro purple cyclamen, Sierra salmon cyclamen, purple crown pansy, and yellow pansy. You can then have a custom colored garden at this time too. There is no reason for your garden to be totally dull and inactive during winter. With the proper care, you will have a garden that is blossoming with color and adding life to the cold season.


During this season the most prolific flowers are the daisies. They are also available in different varieties and colors so that your garden does not become monochromatic If you want a lively one. They can be incorporated in the garden with sunflowers. Cone flower, Chinese Plumbago, and the red-hot poker.

el paso blanco | PlumbagoAll these are flowers that bloom well and quickly in autumn season for your garden to stay alive.

For other seasons like love, weddings, Easter, and Valentines you can have custom made bouquets from the combination of the flowers that you already have in your garden. These landscaping ideas Houston are good to keep you speaking the language that people will understand all through the year and keep you happy and your house alive.

A Look Into The Benefits of Deep Root Tree Feeding

Deep root tree feeding

Deep root tree feeding is done in Houston tx for trees that are deprived of nutrients. It is done by injecting nutrients directly to the roots of the tree through holes that are punched on the ground. The nutrients in form of fertilizers are injected into the root zone of the tree using an 18-inch deep probe.

The fertilizer injected into the soil helps to nourish the tree and recreates the nutrient rich forest floor where trees thrive well. The fertilizer used is a 3=1=2 fertilizer, meaning it has nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium combined in that ratio.

Why do deep root tree feeding?

Deep root tree feeding is an important practice in Houston tx lawn care. This is because it helps to nourish the trees directly. This ensures that the other plants like grass or flowers on the canopy of the tree will not deprive the tree of the nutrients that it requires. When the nutrients are on the canopy, it is easy for the shallow rooted plants to use up all the nutrients and thrive causing the tree to be malnourished and not properly grown.

When is deep root tree feeding necessary?

It is necessary when the tree is deprived of many nutrients. For instance, the trees that fall down from the tree should be able to add on to the nutrients in the soil and nourish the tree in the natural ecosystem. This, however, is not the case at homes because the leaves are swept off and disposed of through burning or other means. When tree roots are covered by grass and another kind of plantation then also the tree becomes deprived of nutrients by those plants because they cause competition for nutrients and they are likely to benefit since their roots are shallow. In this case, it is also necessary to do a deep root tree feeding during Houston TX lawn care. When a soil sample has been taken and it has been determined that a lack of certain nutrients in your soil are what is causing your trees not to grow well then it becomes necessary to ensure that the trees are fed.

When should it be done?

el paso blanco | Deep Root Tree FeedingDeep root tree feeding should be done when you have your lawn being taken care of. If you feel that your trees need to be fed with nutrients then you should inform your Houston TX lawn care professionals so that they can have the tree fed as required. You will be advised on how often the care for the tree will go on so that it can be able to recoup all the lost nutrients and give you the fruits or shade that you require in the lawn.

The trees in the lawn should not be drying off without your concern. Remember they are an integral part of your lawn and the environment as a whole.

Some Ideas To Take Into Consideration For Your Yard 2017

2017 yard style ideas

If you want a design for your yard, then you need to have one that speaks a ton to the people that look at it. a design that should speak of your personality as an individual or home owner and a design that should complement the architectural design and style of your home. There are many designs that you can get for your lawn care Houston but they keep changing with the times as people adopt different trends and become more open to ideas. Here are some of the trends that you can have in your lawn this year.

Contemporary style

This style entails creating a functional outdoor space. This can for instance be a space for outdoor dining, lounging or such other activities. A contemporary landscape design should be clean, elegant and low maintenance for the home owner. It should be a design that you can easily take care of. If there is furniture involved or structures, they should be simplistic and made of outdoor friendly materials. The garden should also be one that is easy to take care of with plants that do not require a lot of attention like grass and small shrubs. The furniture should be placed on carpets or other surfaces that protect it from being directly in contact with the soil or ground especially when it’s made of wood.

Frank Lloyd Wright Style

Frank was an architect known for organic kind of architecture. He is one of the most influential architects in history because he developed an architectural design that helps to celebrate the unique culture of Americans. In his style of architecture, a structure’s form and the materials blend with the surroundings to give an impression of peace and co-existence of the natural and man-made structures around in the environment. The design shows balance and tranquility in the surroundings.

Charleston style

This style entails a lot of details and surprises here and there. For instance you could have a herb garden incorporated in the design or a masterpiece that could help you bring some intrigue in the entire garden. The paths in the garden are also design and detailed in a way to show a lot of creativity. The materials used in the paths should be design oriented and colorful. The gardens in this design are highly manicured and have floral arrangements in the also together with highly trimmed hedges. This makes it necessary for lawn care Houston every now and then so that you have the garden looking the best all the year round.

These styles and many more are available for your lawn if you just consult with your lawn care Houston experts. They should be able to advice you on which one is the best for your architectural design.

A Look At The Brilliance of Landscaping Art For Your Home

The fine art of landscaping

Landscaping is one of the ways that most people can showcase their artistic nature to the world. With the landscape you can be able to go as wild as your imaginations can take you. With the help of a landscaping architect you can create a masterpiece of your own creation or that of the architect in your home and make it an amazing place for you to live in. The landscaping art stands tall on the ground either as plants or structures and furniture pieces that you want to show off. Here are some of the common trends of landscaping Houston tx.

French gardens

They are usually meant to highlight certain central, structural masterpieces within the entire design. This could be the chateau, gazebo or the house. The design is highly manicured with pavements here and there and decorative pieces in the design. The garden utilizes highly colored plants thereby you will see a lot of purple, white and blue flowers all over the garden. There is a lot of emphasis placed on the flowers in this kind of a garden.

Italian gardens

They are highly symmetrical and formal. They have multiple spaces that are paved and separated by hedges and walls of plants. The major emphasis on these gardens is the entire structure of the garden. The Italian gardens are highly manicured and the plants need to be strategically positioned so that the house still gets as much natural lighting as possible. When viewed In its entirety, the whole property gives a wholesome well structured and symmetrical piece of art.

el paso blanco | Landscape Art

English gardens

These are not as formal and structured as the French and Italian gardens. They are designed to emphasize the façade of the building thereby bringing attention to the main house. In recent trends there are the contemporary English gardens which have the combination of both the formal French garden with the English one. In this latest trend you incorporate a lot of white flowers and green leafage in the gardens.

Modern gardens

These ones are usually just meant to achieve functionality of the outdoor space that you have. They are not formal but are playful and comfy and meet the space and needs that you have. All of these gardens are easy to achieve in Houston Texas because there are a variety of plants that can grow due to the warm weather. Also in Houston Texas we have different architectural designs all of which can be able to adopt the different designs of landscaping. The variety gives the landscaping Houston TX professionals the freedom to try out various styles and the home owners the advantage of enjoying a variety of landscaping designs.

Why Hiring A Landscape Architect Is The Best Decision For You

Every Reason Why You Should Hire a Landscape Architect

Hiring a landscape architect is an important move for any homeowner because landscape architect Houston will definitely make your house look amazing after they have worked on it. Here are some of the other reasons why you should consider hiring a landscape architect Houston.

Increase the Value of Your Home

The value of your home is not calculated by considering what you have done to the house but also to the compound. Hiring a landscape architect Houston has been shown to increase the value of your property by up to 11% or even more. A landscape architect will be able to create a landscape that will make the home really inviting and incorporate certain features and amenities that will make the house add value. You are able to recoup all the money that you spent on the landscaping making it a worthwhile home improvement venture.

Improve Your Overall Health

A good serene environment in your home helps you to relax fully. This gives you the mental and physical benefits that you would not get without the green in your home. Studies have shown that having a good bond with nature relieves mental diseases associated with stress and causes one to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Lower Bills

Proper landscaping places shades and trees where they should be which can help to reduce energy utility bills in the house. If for instance, you use solar power, trees casting shadows on your panels will reduce the energy absorbed ultimately through the day. Also incorporating trees and shade where necessary in the house can keep the house cooler. This means that you save on expenses to keep you house cool. Trees and shade strategically position can cool your house by up to 80%.

Bond With Your Family, Friends, Pets and More

A landscape architect Houston will give your home more features and structures outside that make outside the house really appealing and interesting to be in. you will have structures like gazebos and nature all incorporated together which makes it fun to bond more with your friends, family, and pets. You can be able to hold parties outside or play outside with your kids and pets in an environment that is enjoyable, safe and functional.

Variety of Services

With a landscape architect, you get a variety of services from that one person or company. This is from designing, planning, building, and managing the whole project. All you have to do is hire the landscape architect Houston and wait to enjoy your outdoor more. A landscape architect is also fully trained and educated on what they do therefore they are able to give you more options on what you can do to improve the ideas that you already have.

The need for a landscape architect Houston can therefore not be overemphasized. Once you have the questions to ask the architect you’re looking to hire and get a project in place, the day will come where you can enjoy your back and front yard landscape more and bond with your family better.

Keeping Your Outdoor Landscape Lighting Up To Date


Maintenance of any lighting system in your home is of great essence, this is because it helps you to save large amounts of money in replacements. You therefore need to take great care of the lighting around your house. Landscape lighting in this case is the outdoor lighting that highlights your house environment. Because it’s mostly located outdoors it needs to be taken care of more often as it is prone to damage from very many sources be it your dog, children, climatic condition and many others. This article will give a guide on how you ought to maintain the landscape lighting.

Cut Surrounding plants

Because it is located in the outer space of your house, the plants growing around it can distort or cover its light. You therefore need to cut them back to the right size to give a room for the lighting to take place. In addition clearing the vegetation around landscape lighting helps avoid damage from these plants as some of them can grow and damage the lights. Clearing the vegetation around the lighting goes a great way in making the future maintenance easier as the obstructions will have been cleared.

Remove Debris

The landscape lighting may encounter a debris because of their location in the environment. For example mud, animal waste, fallen leaves and many others. This debris can cause great damage to the quality of light illuminated by these lights. You therefore need to remove this debris now and then to avoid future losses. Removing the debris will make the illumination much better, the outdoor will look clean, the lifespan of the landscape lighting will be increased, plus some hazards like fire will be minimized. Cleaning of your landscape lighting therefore is of great importance.

Look out for damaged cables

Cables are prone to peeling off or being damaged. This can be caused by the disturbance by the animals, children or climatic condition plus also wearing out. Damaged cables are detrimental to the safety of your home as they can damage the completely lighting system if they come into contact with some elements like water. You therefore need to inspect the cables of the landscape lighting so that you may repair or replace them. Once you have repaired damaged cables you ought to bury them to protect them from future damage.

Replace Bulbs

In case you were using old types of bulbs for your landscape, lighting it is advisable you start using the news bulbs that are on trend today. Changing the bulbs ensures that the quality of illumination of your landscape lighting will be improved to bring out a lovely ambiance. It is therefore advisable to replace the bulbs now and then once they wear out.

The Benefits and Must Dos For Lighting Up Your Business


Lighting is an essential aspect of any business today, you, therefore, need to take great note in the lighting in your business as it has a great role in the service of that business. Successful businesses all over the world have taken this initiative of lighting their business and have recorded massive gains in their dealings. Lighting your business may lead to you shining all the way to the bank if you correctly do it. This article, therefore, will dwell on what you should do on the road to lighting your business and thus lighting its success.

Use LED lighting

In case you are using other forms or types of bulbs like incandescent or fluorescent tubes, you are paying way more in the electricity bills than you should be paying. The number one purpose of the business is to make a profit therefore, you do not need to waste resources as wastage leads to more diminished profits. Switching to LED lights, therefore, will ensure you save on the energy used and thus saving on the electricity bills. They use a small amount of energy but still provide the best lighting that you need in your business, in addition, LED lights to have a long lifespan than the other bulbs of 50,000 hours, which means that you will not be required to buy bulbs now and then thus maximizing the profit margins.

Switch the main lights first

In case you want to switch the lights to LED bulbs, the budget may not allow you to switch to LED at once. You will, therefore, need to switch them partially, this it is advisable to switch the lights that are mostly used first so that you can do the ones not used more often later. This will make sure you save on your electricity bills as the lights that are used most often use more \energy. These main lights may be the one in the counter as they must be on always while the minor ones may be the ones at the washrooms.

Light Properly

When lighting is done in a correct manner, they have great advantages to the workers and even the customers. Using the correct bulb color temperature creates the perfect ambiance to do the work. The environment you create for your workers directly affects the output. For example, the bulbs or lighting can create a welcoming, comforting, clinical, or even cold atmosphere. You should, therefore, consult a lighting technician so that he or she can advise on the best lighting for your business. When you create the best lighting, which in turn increases the productivity of your workers it will mean that your business productivity will increase and thus massive profits. Lighting, therefore, is the best way to increase your profits for your business.

When searching for commercial lightscaping Houston, it is important you remember these facts.

The Perks of Using a Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting System


Many people all over the world are turning to low voltage lighting system. Low voltage lighting system is the system where the bulbs used in lighting use low voltage, which is 12V. Their simplicity is what is driving many residential and business people are using it to light up their homes and businesses.

Therefore, it is very important to know the importance of this low voltage lighting system and as to why many people are opting for the low voltage lighting. This article ill therefore delve on the importance the low voltage lighting system have over other lighting system.

Easy to Install

Their simplistic nature allows room for easy installation. Low voltage lighting system consisted of small light sources that can be installed by anyone. You therefore do not require a lighting technician to do it for you. As long as you have read the manual, you are good to go. This therefore helps you to save large amounts of money that you would have used to pay the lighting technician labor. Their less complexity helps you to even be able to repair and maintain them with ease, as their connection is easy to understand. Unlike the high voltage lighting system, low voltage is a great way of saving up your hard-earned money.

Easy to Modify

The low voltage lighting system can be modified very easily. This means that you can change them now and then to accommodate the landscape of the location you are lighting. Modification is a great aspect as many things may come into your mind and therefore you will require to modify the lights too to accommodate the new layout. The low voltage lighting offers this such that you can change them as many times as you want. You will therefore not be required to buy new lighting sources for the new landscape subsequently making you save large sums of money.

Safe to Operate

The low voltage lighting system does not require so much power therefore you can operate them very easily. They are not complex like their high voltage counterparts. You can therefore operate them with ease, as they may not shock you. High voltage lighting systems are very dangerous while operating them they may cause an electric shock while repairing them, which may lead to deaths. Therefore manufacturers have helped a great deal in coming up with these low voltage lighting system.

Uses Less Power

As their name suggests the low voltage, lighting system uses low power for them to function. This therefore means that you save large amounts of energy that would go to waste in case you used high voltage lights. This in turn helps you save on the electricity bill.

Things To Consider When Deciding If It’s Time To Replace Your Roof


Roofing is one of the most important structures in homes. It protects the interior of the house from damage. You ought therefore to take great note and attention of your homes roof as if damaged can cause great losses. Even the best roof reaches a time that it becomes obsolete and therefore must be repaired or replaced. If the roof has suffered major damage, it is always advisable to replace it with a brand new one. Replacing is cost effective as it ensures that you have very quality roof and it reduces the maintenance cost that you would incur repairing the damaged one. Below are the red signs you ought to look out for to know whether your roof needs replacement.

The Age of the Roof

Roofs wear out on age. The more old your roof is the more it wears out and needs replacement. Many experts spell the age of the roof to be 20 years and above. In case your roof has stayed in your house without replacement for more than 20 years, you should think of replacing it right away, as it is prone to damage any time. Old roofs are very weak and if met with great environmental aspects it can become damaged. It is better to avoid being caught unawares by these calamities and your roof bulges. Replace it if it is old to avoid any calamity befalling you at the most unexpected instances.

Curled shingles

Shingles like roof itself wear out with age, just that their life expectancy is lower than that of the roof. In case you notice that, the shingles are curling or buckling you definitely, need a new roof. Their buckling and curling means that they have reached their life expectancy level and cannot carry on with their work. The shingles also loosing granules especially in the areas that the roof gets direct sunlight is another sign of a worn out roof and need replacement. You therefore need to be very keen with your roof, check it now and then to check of any of this sign.

Bulged roof valleys

Roof valleys are one of the important components in a roof; this is because they are responsible for roving the excess water and environmental materials like snow from the roof. These materials can be very harmful to the roof and thus damaging it. In case you notice that the roof valleys are bulging outwards such that they cannot carry out their roles that a sign that your roof needs replacement.

Bulging roof valleys may even lead to more dangerous effects like roof leaking which can damage your properties.

Roof checking is of great essence as it can make you avoid many problems when you are unaware. You therefore ought to be checking on these signs regularly.

What To Think About When Choosing the Materials For Your Roofing Project


In the building process of a high quality roofing, the material used is very important as they affect the overall quality of the roof. Therefore, it is of great essence to take roofing materials very seriously when choosing them for your roof. The decision on the types of materials to be used for your homes is one of the crucial decisions that you need to take as a homeowner. This article will therefore give you a detailed look on what you should consider when choosing these materials.

Your Home Roofing Style

The architectural design of your home directly affects the materials to be used to build such kind of roof.

There are materials that cannot be used to roof certain types of roofing designs. You therefore need to take note of this fact. Do not be too hard on the materials that you want your roof to be built with. In case you need certain type of materials to be used ask your roofing technician or architecture to change the design for example in case the roofing of your house is historic use of thatch is the best option metal roofs cannot give that.

Your Roof Application

There are two ways in which you can build a roof, either you are replacing the old or even building a new house. In case you are replacing an old roof, you will be limited to the type of roofing materials that you want to use. The roof must be in line with the structure of your house failure to which your house will look funny and out of place.


You may building a roof to a house or home for different purposes. In case you do not intend to own the property for long, you may consider a low lifespan roofing materials, as they are cheaper than the other long-term roofing materials. In case you intend to own the house or building for long, you ought to choose a long lifespan roof as this will help you avoid repair cost now and then. You therefore must first determine the ownership of the building you intend to build.

Building Codes

Some of the states have a certain building code that home builders must adhere to. You therefore do not want to be out of order by building a different roofing from the others. These codes needs or uses certain roofing materials, so if you want to adhere to the codes of the state you need to choose the roofing material best suited for that code.


The price of the roofing materials is very essential to factor in, in case you are opting to build a roof. The money you have directly determines the roofing materials that you will use for your roofing. Therefore, you need to be properly prepared for this.